100% ORGANIC Soy Wax Candles.

NATURAL wooden wick.

Every single Candle is unique...

Why Choose Us?

ValentinyCandles - each candle is unique...

We only use natural products: natural soy wax, wooden or cotton wicks and natural essential oils.

Soy wax:

- natural eco-friendly product

- burns for 50% longer than paraffin wax and does not release any harmful fumes when burning

- does not stain clothes and furniture, easy to remove with soap and water

- does not contain any additives

- safe for the skin

We can create candles on the basis of your wishes.

Candle holders change regularly.

Glass candle holders can be returned for a discount and we will be happy to fill them up with a new creation.

Decayed soy wax by ValentinyCandles luxury treatment for your hand. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin for 12 hours. 

Valentina Emelin

store owner

Close your eyes for a little bit and imagine that you are sitting in a cozy warm house on a crisp cold winter night. You are wrapped in a fluffy blanket reading a book or simply looking at what is happening around you. The wind is howling outside, but inside all you can hear is the crackling of a fireplace that warms your heart and soul. Nearby, in the kitchen, your beloved grandma is baking her famous apple pie. The delightful smell has enveloped the whole house and you cannot wait to sit down with grandma and savor a piece of the pie as soon as it is out of the oven, while she tells you stories about her youth!

These are my childhood memories. How amazing would it be to have the ability go back to this world, without any responsibilities and worries, and be surrounded by those who might no longer be with us!

My heart and soul are in my little candle making enterprise. I started it in an attempt to bring back some of these childhood memories. The crackling sound of the candle’s wick reminds me of that fireplace. The delicate smell of burning candles brings me tranquility and the gentle warmth of a drop of candle wax on my skin reminds me of my grandma’s loving touch.